About the Company

Shanghai Top Fortune Industry Co., Ltd.. established in 2004, We are a Chinese Apparel Manufacturing Vendor with 18 years,Our Clothing Suitable Retail,Uniform,Promotional. We are located in Shanghai with convenient transportation access. 

Our high-volume capacity also means we can tackle even the largest of orders, offering a stable and sustainable platform between brands and suppliers. We work only with accredited factories, assuring they are SEDEX and BSCI certified and have signed our supplier code of conduct to ensure fair, living wages and safe working conditions. We've integrated our unique talent, assuring a net-positive impact for planet and people, as we raise bars and eyebrows in uniform. Whatever your  goals, we has you covered.



We are a China-based company offering a unique range of quality products for "clothing".

Shanghai Top Fortune has over 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke different types of clothing for corporate, retail, wholesale, branding, healthcare, mining, public safety, construction, hospitality and other areas, . We work directly with a carefully selected network of experienced and highly specialist factories around the globe.





Total Solution


Clients have been impressed with the speed and efficiency with which we deliver uniforms, and to be honest, my clients have been in good contact with me.



We're rolling out a different style of design every week, and so far, the team's response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our CEO loves the new design and is very pleased with the results. Helping and supporting customers, everything goes so well.



Beside, there is R&D, QC, QA teams here. The QC has over 15 years working experience, who would stay in the factory to inspect each process of the production. Our aim is to check out and solve any potential problem before shipment, to move out any of your risk.



Total Solution

We work with industry-leading buyers and trusted buying partners to tailor the latest exclusive collections to their specific audiences. We assign each client a dedicated product expert to guide the entire garment manufacturing process and ensure that design to delivery is as smooth as possible.


The secret to our success: our enormous talent and high standards, making quality products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.


Our focus on quality and safety begins with design and continues throughout the manufacturing process. Our supply base is a BCSI and Sedex certified factory, ensuring safe working conditions, full compliance and fair wages.


Schedule your showroom appointment today and find out why we are UNIFORM's best kept secret.

Shanghai Top Fortune are a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with,nothing is ever too much trouble and Our team are always happy to help. Our previous suppliers had a series of bad experiences and now working with Top Fortune they can have a lot easier because the accounts are running smoothly and inventory levels are well managed.

We are the leading specialist for bespoke uniforms.



We supply and fulfil quality, ethically sourced uniforms to kit out your staff. We are proud to offer a fully managed solution, management, nationwide or international delivery, a dedicated based customer service team, and innovative design refreshes, and also work with all links to fit in with the way you work.



We design and tailor the garments to suit your unique requirements, based on the particular environment, role and context of the end user.



Be it teflon coating , additional pockets, reflective printing, or extra insulation, we will work hard to make sure that the garments we supply meet your staff’s exacting needs.





We would be happy to send you an "Illustrated Price Catalog".

We would be happy to send you an "Illustrated Price Catalog".


Approval procedure   / Build relationships



All new factories proposed by our procurement team must go through our rigorous approval process.


This includes signing our corporate social responsibility policy and auditing factories through our audit program.We then have full oversight of our supply chain and can have absolute confidence that the factories we source from meet our ethical trading standards.


Our policy expressly prohibits subcontracting and we will have to consider terminating the relationship with the supplier if we discover that an unapproved factory is producing our product.

By encouraging open and honest dialogue with suppliers about production lead times and capacity, we hope to eliminate the possibility of this happening.



Our high capacity also means we can handle the largest orders, providing customers with high volume capacity issues. We sign our Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure fair, living wages and safe working conditions.

Surroundings   / Sustainable



We are committed to having a positive, real and sustainable impact on our natural environment by incorporating environmental policy into our corporate social responsibility policy.


Here, our expectations for managing our factory's footprint on the planet include expectations for setting environmental goals aimed at reducing water usage in production and safely disposing of hazardous materials.

Responsibility of the company / Every stitch counts




We care about where our garments come from and under what conditions they are produced.




We have articulated this commitment in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which covers ethical trading, corporate governance and the environment.



  The principles in the Code include that all our business partners act with integrity, transparency, impartiality, professionalism and responsibility.




All of our sourcing partners read and sign our Corporate Responsibility Policy, and we have established internal processes to ensure compliance with this policy in every business operation and throughout our supply chain.