All our polar fleece jacket manufacturerare customizable. Usually polar wool is 100% polyester and hoodies are cotton/polyester blends. Fabrics range from 160gsm to 380gsm, polar fleece jacket whosale and our products are ideal for keeping colors fast and shape after repeated washings. The hoodie is one of the most popular autumn dresses for young parents. It is soft and casual. It saves the trouble of buttons. The hat can also protect the wind and rain. Many hoodies have a rope to tighten the hat. . Our hoodie uniforms offer classic fit, color fastness and controlled shrinkage, which will be a hot topic for your customers and employees. In the 17 years of history in the world, we know the size chart of different countries, so your employees can have confidence in their appearance. Remember, we can customize special size charts for your team! Our hoodies are designed to provide a high quality look at a reasonable price and on time delivery.

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