Winter Jacket

Our winter jacket manufacturers mainly are made in padding, which is not only light but also keep body warm. Also, duck down mens winter jacket outlets is available here. We only select good quality fresh padding/duck down, no bad quality material. All our winter jackets could be customized in color, logo and sizing. Our fabrics are mostly made in nylon/polyester with water repellent finish, stuffed in padding with water resistant/waterproof coating, inside with soft &smooth lining, it deflects wind, resists water, and keep body heat. Many of our customers are for uniform, so we totally understand it is very important to keep the body warm, even in cold winter events or duty. These uniform winter jackets allow you to stand out among clients, allow guest to recognize you as employee, or recognize another employee from far distance. We totally understand the important of delivery time especially from overseas, so all lead time would be completely respected. Different from some other manufacturers, we only choose reliable& eco-friendly material especially padding; also, our winter jacket is reliable for repeated use after repeated washing, to keep good shape. Complete with durable water repellency to help fight dirt, and water, this jacket does the job, so you can do your job. Depend on different cold conditions, inside padding could be from 60gsm to 240gs or even higher to meet your special requirement. You must be well known that reliable material decides function figure. We only use high quality padding which gives great wear-feeling and reliable function. We have also developed down jacket for uniform, which again supply super warm protection for your employee, and keep light weight as the same time.

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